How To Take Care Of Your Feet

What You Can Do To Promote Good Feet Health

It’s important to keep your entire body healthy, and that includes your feet. If you’re not doing anything to promote good feet health, you should work to change that. These tips will help you to keep your feet in great shape.

Wash Your Feet On A Daily Basis

How often do you wash your feet(or as Dutch say “your kalknagels“)? If you’re not washing them at least once each day, then you’re not washing them enough! You should get in the habit of washing your feet with soap and water daily. Your feet are exposed to bacteria throughout the day, which is why it’s crucial to keep them clean. Try to avoid soaking your feet, however. This can cause the skin on your feet to become dried out!


Wear The Right Kinds Of Shoes

The shoes you wear could cause damage to your feet. You should make sure that your footwear fits correctly. Stay away from shoes that are too tight. If you’re going to be wearing heels, you’ll want to avoid wearing them for long stretches of time. You may want to wear insoles so that your weight is distributed more evenly.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

When you’re applying lotion to your body, you shouldn’t neglect your feet! Ideally, you should be using lotion or petroleum jelly to keep your feet hydrated every day. With that said, you’ll want to avoid putting lotion between your toes, especially if you’re about to put shoes on. This could increase your risk for infection. Make sure you’re moisturizing the rest of your body as well!

You should be taking great care of your feet. Follow this basic advice and make sure that your feet are getting the kind of care that they need. If you focus on feet health, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of problems in the future.