Bluesnap – The International Answer

When it comes to processing payments and sending automatic payments, too many companies assume that you are working only in one country or that you will never need an international solution. High fees for international transfers, complicated exchange rates, long holds, and even longer lists of forms to go through have become the norm for international transactions. This is harmful to any business that works with international clients and can lead to loss of contracts, workers, or even to having to switch suppliers. Finding a company that works in a truly international manner and keeps things fair and even across the board is a total game changer.

Bluesnap knows that business is international and that the business world is expanding more and more every day. With the rise of work from home culture and digital nomads, working with and for people who live in other countries is more and more common. That’s why their platform is designed for a more international world, one where everyone is able to send and receive money with ease, in their own currency, without jumping through a ton of hoops. This puts them above a lot of their competition, but also shows their willingness to evolve with new trends and stay ahead of the game.

Paperwork is also simplified, with everything you need in one place, no matter how many different countries you are working within. In this day and age there really isn’t an excuse not to have all of the information necessary at your fingertips and ready to go. Keeping paperwork simple and ensuring that you can access everything with a single click of a button makes it easier to work in markets that were traditionally considered off limits or high risk, making it easier for small businesses to scale themselves up and make something of themselves.