Guides On Floor Cleaning

Guides on Floor Cleaning

Everyone wants to have a clean home, and it is not possible to have a clean house without cleaning the floor. It is a good idea to go through guides on floor cleaning so you can know how to have it in the best possible condition. Cleaning the floor can be a challenge when you don’t know how to do it.

Guides On Floor Cleaning
Laminate floors
Use a dampened mop to dust, vacuum, or wipe it lightly. Do not use soap-based detergent when cleaning because it can end up leaving a dull film on your floor. Be careful not to over-wet the floor. Do not use wax polish because the floor will become too slippery.

If you want to remove stains and marks, make a solution of vinegar and water. Do not use abrasive cleaners because they scratch laminate. You can use nail polish remover to remove suborn marks like shoe polish.

Use a soft brush or vacuum to sweep the floor, then use a damp mop and mild detergent. Dip a cloth in white spirit or washing-up liquid to remove marks.

Ceramic and quarry tiles
These types of floors require minimal maintenance. Take a mild detergent solution to sweep and wash the floor, then rinse using clean water. Don’t use wax polish because the tiles are going to be slippery. There are steam cleaners that can be great for cleaning sealed floors and tiles, and they only require clean water.

You should regularly sweep unsealed and waxed floors and have them occasionally repolished. When waxing, use the wax sparingly because you don’t want tacky residue that attracts dirt. Apply a non-slip floor polish when worn patches appear on the surface.

If you have sealed floors, then you just need to sweep and damp mop it. Avoid using too much water because it can cause the wood to swell and split.

The above guides on floor cleaning will help you a lot.