Survival Water Filter

The Importance Of A Survival Water Filter

Even a well thought out survival plan will go wrong when you cannot find drinkable and clean water. During an emergency or disaster, water can become compromised, which is why you must be able to treat and filter water that may have become contaminated to ensure your survival.

Survival Water Filter

The Benefits Of A Survival Water Filter

While a survival water filter can prove to be a vital component of your survival items, there are a few precautions you should be taking to make sure that the treatment process that you use is effective.

Separate Clean And Dirty Water Containers

Avoid filtering water into the same container that you collected water in.

Refer To The User Manual

If you use the filter incorrectly, it can lead to cross-contamination. Make sure you have read over the manual as well as trying out the water filter before you store it away in an emergency bag.

Look For The Cleanest Water Source

Unless you are faced with a “life or death” situation, it is important to search for the cleanest water source. Look for the cleanest water available, since sediment and debris can quickly clog your filter.

Practice Good Hygiene

Before you treat your water, ensure that you have either used hand sanitizer (or wash your hands when possible). This will help to avoid cross-contamination.

Camp A Distance Away From Your Water Source

If you have set up a shelter or camp close to a water source, make sure you are at least 250 to 500 feet away. You should also avoid washing dishes or using the bathroom close to the water you plan to drink or cook with.

While there are various methods used to purify water, the easiest and fastest way to ensure safe drinking water would be a reputable and well-known water filter.